Off-the-Bike Classes

Off-the-Bike Classes

No bike needed. You just need yourself, light or moderate weights optional, and a mat or towel for floor work.

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Off-the-Bike Classes
  • Lauren Arms & A$$ 30

    This express class focuses on the conditioning and toning of your arms and back, as well tightening and strengthening the glutes with targeted booty exercises.

  • Lauren Arms & Abs 30

  • Heather Q. Stretch 20

    This yoga inspired stretch is perfect for spinners to lengthen, stretch, and open up the muscles that are used so heavily in spin. Take 20 minutes to start or end your day with this self caring class, or it's the perfect follow up after an intense ride.

  • Melanie Full Body Cardio 30

    This 30-minute full body workout is all that you will need to hit your whole body for a heart-pumping cardio workout. We will work the arms, back, legs and butt in this express, off the bike class. You'll need your water, towel, a mat or blanket, and a light and heavy set of weights if you have t...